This organisation aims to address the gender imbalances in sports and recreation both at participation and administrative levels;

To provide sports training, recreational activities and facilities as an aid to those who are living with critical diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer & tuberculosis, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To serve as a buffer zone so as to lay a moral foundation especially for LGBT community that are neglected or side lined at work or sport federations

Mobilize resources for the provision of basic sport and recreation education

Network through a team of trained sport enthusiasts with other organizations so as to minimize service duplication, inter alias

Gender mainstreaming.

Sustainable programs through tested practice

Diversity, access opportunities, legacy, active participation, research, leadership and skills development.

To educate the LGBT and general community using the creative arts, and empower women and youth.

To educate and create public awareness about the LGBT community using Film and Television media. We will produce documentaries, shortfilms and inserts to be screened at film festivals around the world and on national television.