We have identified the following organisations as our networks and also intend to inform strategic alliances:

·In Cape Town  we work with The Organisation of Gay Sports (TOGS).  It is our mother body that we have known since 2002 in which some of our members are affiliated to.  It is an organisation that looks after LGBT in sports nationally.

·Internationally we are affiliated to the Federations of Gay Games, also as our  head organisation in LGBT issues and sports. Reference:
www.gaygamesblog.blogspot.com or   www.gaygames.org

·Still in the province of KwaZulu Natal we work with Glenwood Childrens Home.  It is a home to vulnerable children (some are abused, some are orphans and some are HIV/AIDS infected). We visit the home to educate them children about health awareness and abuse, give out donations and play different games with them. Our main game was Ladies Soccer since the home has a well organised team  (See the attached report during our visit)

Covering the whole of South Africa is Rainbow Sport South Africa. Helping LGBT Sporting participants to participate in mini tournaments in their sport and help them where help is needed to attend the Gay Games and the Out Games.
http://www.kznlgbtrecreation.co.za http://www.kznlgbtrecreation.co.za/introduction http://www.kznlgbtrecreation.co.za/committee http://www.kznlgbtrecreation.co.za/missionandvision http://www.kznlgbtrecreation.co.za/mainobjectives
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